Soo -Léaina
motocap tested


Made by Norsorex


From Melbourne

When i started riding a motorcycle in 2015, the range of protective clothing didn't compliment my lifestyle. The decision to create my own clothing range came from the idea of, what if you could wear your normal clothes and still be protected, but other people could not tell you had protective clothing on? This product is the answer to that question.

- Founder of Nemean

Our Customers Reviews

"Once you have it on, it feels comfortable, breathable and can wear it all day"


I wore them with thin skinny jeans and the armour wasn't that defined that you could tell I’m wearing something underneath my pants which I also really appreciated


I love how I can wear any of my pants over it without being restricted to one style


I find them really super comfy and they were nice and easy to slip my own jeans over (super skinny jeans) and the armour doesn’t stand out too much or look bulky at all!


Done plenty of riding on the bike and they're very comfortable under the pants. Sat in them for a full day of work under some chinos. Very comfortable, no discomfort whilst sitting


Love love love the feel of the fabric! - The armour feels very comfortable and non-intrusive to the body at all - My tight jeans fit over easy - The armour is not as visible as I initially thought it would be! - I would absolutely buy these for my inner-city riding /street riding


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