Who Are We?

The company was founded with the goal of changing the perception of motorcycle clothing. We sought to create a product that would not compromise on style, comfort, or protection, ensuring that riders could enjoy their journeys without feeling limited or restricted.

The name "Nemean" itself holds significant meaning, derived from the story of Hercules and his 12 labour's in Greek mythology. The Nemean Lion, impervious to mortal weapons, symbolises the strength and resilience of their motorcycle gear, particularly the golden Kevlar fabric used for protection. We believe that the name reflects the kind of individuals who choose to ride motorbikes, acknowledging the challenges they face and overcome by embracing this adventurous lifestyle.

Furthermore, Nemean acknowledges the profound emotional connection riders have with their motorcycles. The act of riding comes from the heart and soul, an innate attraction likened to metal drawn to a magnet. By understanding this deep passion, Nemean encourages riders to embrace their love for motorcycles without the need for words or explanations.

In essence, the company "Nemean" exists to provide motorcycle gear that goes beyond being just clothing; it represents a lifestyle, a community of lion-hearted riders who fearlessly embrace the challenges and joys of riding. Nemean's purpose is to empower riders, fostering a sense of pride and camaraderie, and encouraging them to unapologetically embrace their adventurous spirit on the road.