Who Are We?

The company was founded with the goal of changing the perception of motorcycle clothing. We sought to create a product that would not compromise on style, comfort, or protection, ensuring that riders could enjoy their journeys without feeling limited or restricted.

The name "Nemean" itself holds significant meaning, derived from the story of Hercules and his 12 labour's in Greek mythology. The Nemean Lion, impervious to mortal weapons, symbolises the strength and resilience of their motorcycle gear, particularly the golden Kevlar fabric used for protection. We believe that the name reflects the kind of individuals who choose to ride motorbikes, acknowledging the challenges they face and overcome by embracing this adventurous lifestyle.

Furthermore, Nemean acknowledges the profound emotional connection riders have with their motorcycles. The act of riding comes from the heart and soul, an innate attraction likened to metal drawn to a magnet. By understanding this deep passion, Nemean encourages riders to embrace their love for motorcycles without the need for words or explanations.

In essence, the company "Nemean" exists to provide motorcycle gear that goes beyond being just clothing; it represents a lifestyle, a community of lion-hearted riders who fearlessly embrace the challenges and joys of riding. Nemean's purpose is to empower riders, fostering a sense of pride and camaraderie, and encouraging them to unapologetically embrace their adventurous spirit on the road.

Norsorex®  technology

nemean exclusive

Certified Level 2 protectors - These protectors not only meet the rigorous CE Norm standards of 1621-1:2012 and 1621-2:2014 but also redefine your riding experience. Our innovative design ensures maximum protection without compromising on your freedom of movement, making it the ultimate choice for all your riding styles.

We designed our undergarment based on this diagram! MotoCAP safety ratings assess how well gear protects a motorcyclist in a crash, based on impact protection, burst resistance and abrasion resistance. Test results are weighted to emphasise the need for greater protection in high risk areas as outlined in this diagram.



A sample is wrapped around a solid metal block on an arm, which is dropped onto an abrasive belt moving at a fixed speed and a timer started. When a hole forms in the material, a thin wire behind the material is broken, automatically stopping the timer. A Longer time equals a higher abrasion resistance.



Impact protectors are placed over an anvil that measures the energy of the impact. A 5kg flat-faced weight is dropped from 1m. The energy carried through the impact protector is measured. The lower measured forces transmitted equals well performing protectors.


Burst Resistance

Gear must remain intact if it is to provide effective protection in a crash. Pressure is gradually applied to the seam and the test ends when the seam bursts or the maximum test pressure is reached.



MotoCAP provides a breathability score based on the Relative Vapour Permeability Index. Gear with higher scores provides better insulation and allows sweat to evaporate through the material. the sample is laid over the hotplate and the amount of energy required to maintain the temperature of the underlying skin membrane is measured.