About Us

In 2016, we set out with a goal to change the perception of motorcycle clothing. We wanted to create a product that did not feel like a compromise every time you wanted to ride anywhere.

The word 'Nemean' comes from the story of Hercules in Greek mythology and the 12 labours he had to go through to prove himself worthy to the gods. The first labour was to defeat the Nemean Lion, which was said to be impervious to mortal man’s weapon because of its golden hide. The colour of Kevlar, which acts as our own protective hide, is gold. This story represents more than just a brand name, we believe it to reflect the kind of people who choose to ride motorbikes. By wearing Nemean, it represents the challenge you have already overcome...getting on a motorbike.

If you ask us why we ride, we cannot always find the right words to explain why. That is because the feelings come from our heart and soul, we are drawn to it, pulled like metal to a magnet.

Nemean says you do not need to explain yourself; we understand and encourage you all to embrace the lion within.

We are lions at heart.