Nemean - The Leon - Men's Protective Motorcycle Clothing


      This was always the vision

      It all started with an idea of could we make motorcycle clothing that doesn’t make you look like a motorcycle rider? What if you could ride in your normal clothes and still wear protection? What if you only had to take off gloves and helmet and could still look the way YOU always wanted to look?

      Well…we listened to what you said and now the vision has become a reality! After many conversations, samples, tests, and trials, we believe we have created a product that will set a new benchmark in the industry.

      Imagine all the different outfits you can now wear while you ride to the café, the pub, the music concert, the football, the tennis, the comedy show, the first date, the office, the job interview and the possibilities are endless because we go with your lifestyle and offer you protection now.

      You get to decide what kind of rider you want to be.

      We designed this for you.

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