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The Meaning of Soo-léaina

There are 2 stories behind this name for our women’s range. When the design started to take form with what you see today, it was particularly important for us to ensure we produced a garment that was feminine for our female riders. Not only to feel feminine, but a name that was empowering and elegant.

If you read Nemean’s Story, then you are aware of the Nemean lion’s connection to Greek mythology and why we feel it symbolises the motorcycle rider. Léaina in Greek translates to ‘lioness’, for a lioness is the queen of the jungle with her majesty, strength, and courage.

Soo is the name of the founder’s mother. Nemean would not be here today without her protection, compassion, and encouragement. Therefore, it was necessary to have her name immortalised in our brand’s history from the very beginning.

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